Inbalance App Design

Graphic Design, App Design and Animation Project – creating an app to aid with better sleep, animated in a demo.

NME Live App Design

Designing an app Prototype to book gigs in the London area, moving the NME Live gig page online!

Corporate Work

Creating web sliders and MPU’s for marketing events promotions. Designing Presentations for Sales Pitches.

Ddraig Knievel Utopia Island

Creating a brochure/book of my chosen utopia island. Illustrations, photography and screen printing.

The Five Senses and Objects of Desire in Contempory Life

Creating a Zine to depict objects of desire that have no objectional value in contemporary life. Highlighting societies false hopes.

High Society Title Sequence

Animation and Illustration Project – creating a title sequence for a book that hasn’t been made into a film. I chose the book High Society by author Ben Elton.

Creating a Brand Identity

Creating a brand identity with mock up stationery and website design suitable for various devices.